Monday, March 29, 2010

sticker designing for ITC Candyman Lacto Creme

for Unibic-Scotch Finger package

Sticker design for ITC sunfeast yippee noodles
Tattoo design for ITC sunfeast yippee noodles

Wall graphics for IBM


India's first scrollable web comic featuring my illustration

ShoutOut  is a Bangalore based start Up company aiming to create a platform for Indian customers to log complaints against different brands and services .  This company wanted to create a pre-launch buzz by launching India's first web-comic featuring Rajini as the mascot.

They contacted me 2 months back to do the storyboard illustrations for the whole web-comic . The illustration style is a dark graphic novel style and was chosen to convey the negative sentiment associated with complaints. Making the illustration was challenging as the comic features Rajini walking down an Indian street with a top view perspective . Though the illustrations are top-view in perspective we need to make the billboards clearly visible to communicate the story line.

Other interesting elements are the fact that they have a moving cab and metro train to be part of the story .I also had to provide an illusion that Rajini is walking down the Indian street based on the illustrations.  Also notice the detailing in the illustrations showing the wires , garbage on street , auto rickshaws which were added to convey an Indian street .

Enough of the background now , you can see my illustrations burst into action at .  Do enjoy the animation and write,tweet or Facebook about this if you like what you saw.